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Meet Marie

Hello There!  My name is Marie! I am in the artist/mastermind/photographer behind Walkowski Photography. 
I'm a passionate entrepreneur, self-proclaimed workaholic and life-long learner.

A bit about me I have been married to the love of my life since 2006. We have a wonderful rescue pup from Fetch and Foster named Petey. I also am a fitness junkie, love going on walks with hubby and fur baby, and hanging out with family and friends.

I have a studio in downtown Wausau, WI.  This is my 10th year of being a full-time photographer, and I have learned my favorite part of being a photographer is sharing in my clients excitement and being able to get involved in their lives. I truly love creating an experience for my clients. To be able to see the moments for what they are allows them to be captured and cherished forever. 

I truly try to live my life giving my best to everyone and to treat each and every one of my clients like family.

I am very passionate about what I do. I want to create images and memories possible for each and every one of my clients. Capturing those fun family moments for you is something that's special to me. Whatever the moment, I want to be there to document it and pause that second in time so that you can cherish it forever.

My favorite time to photograph you is just before sunset. I call myself a "sunset chaser" quite often. Shooting closer to sunset gives us the best lighting, so depending on your session you are looking for  their is a pretty good chance I am going  recommend a just before sunset session.


I had been selling my images since I was 15. By the time I was 19 I thought I was pretty good. I got hired on a part time basis to carry stuff for a photographer. So in a sense all I was, was very cheap labor to carry stuff, my ability with a camera was incidental.


My best friend and partner in life, Bob is the support behind everything I do. In marriage you find someone to laugh with, to love, to cry with and someone who will always be there for you. I can't thank him enough for all the support he has given me on days that I struggle. We all have bad days, so find someone who can support you through them. A little fact: I've been with my hubby since we were 22 ( 20 years).

- Lover of Pizza
- Love Chocolate especially when it contains peanut butter
- Proud Dog Mom
- Favorite drink is coffee during the day or a Moscow Mule at night
- I'm a dreamer, a goal-digger and work-acholic. 
- I live life passionately and love all those around me.
- I love documenting your life story in a way that it will be cherished forever.

What my clients are saying


The day we got engaged, we contacted Marie right off the bat and asked her to take a few announcement pictures with us and she was so accommodating to help us get this done quickly. From our two sets of engagement pictures all the way to the last hug we gave her on her way out, she was nothing short of AMAZING. She wanted to make our visions come to life and wanted to make sure that we loved absolutely every picture. Marie was not only our wedding photographer and friend, but will be with our family for years to come as we know without a doubt she will be photographing us once we start a family!

Alisa & Johny


Not only are her photography skills stunning, but the way she treats her clients is above and beyond anything I have ever witnessed. She instantly becomes a friend and not just a business partner. Marie isn’t solely focused on how much you pay or how much time you have left in your shoot, her top priority is you and making sure you have the photos you dreamed of. Marie is fun and full of great ideas and creative poses so no two clients look the same. She really tailors everything she does to your needs. I could go on all day about how fantastic Marie is, but to sum it up I would give my highest recommendation to Walkowski Photography in a heartbeat.

Erin & Nate


Marie is such an amazing photographer! She was kind enough to do my maternity photos and I could not have asked for a better or more fun/memorable experience. She was able to capture our goofy personalities, join in our jokes, and made it such a comfortable experience. I LOVE everything about how the pictures turned out, she really captures a moment perfectly. I can't say enough about her and her talent with a camera, I highly recommend her and will definitely be coming back for more!




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