New Website

June 6, 2013

I know that its been a long time since I wrote a blog post and I promise its for good reason! 🙂 Over the past few months I have been really focusing on my branding. For photographers your branding is more then just your store front, its everything about you and I realized it really starts with your website.

As most everyone will search for you online before they ever meet you in person or step in your store. I realized the end of the last year that my website was truly lacking something. When you looked at my site it really didn't explain who I was or what I was about. Sure it was pretty and everyone loved the music that they use to be able to jam too… but that was it. It really didn't represent who I was. So that is when I realized it was time for a change.


So there I was on a search for a new branding identity. I knew it had to start with my logo. I wanted something fun and fresh. I wanted something that when you looked at it you knew who I was and my style. I love capturing the real, fun, emotional moments and I really wanted my brand to represent that… so that is how my mission began.


I found an amazing designer. Here name is Andra. She is located in Eau Claire WI. If you are looking for a new logo, or branding paper goods. She is your girl. Seriously check her out her website. I just loved working with Andra. She knew exactly what I was looking for!  She came up with a few designs based on what I as looking for and with a little adjustments we found something that was absolutely perfect!  She is so amazing to work with! She understood my needs and completely exceeded all my expectations! I recommend her to everyone! 🙂


Check out the logo before and after! 🙂  What a HUGE difference! 🙂


I just love what she was able to do. I could not be more happy with it!


Before 🙂                                              


 Website Logo Color


After 🙂

Final Logo


Once the logo was complete, I found this AMAZING web designer. I am not kidding he was amazing. He took the time to sit down and talk with me as what I wanted, how I needed it to function ect… And then understood my needs and put it into action. He really went above and beyond. I am just beyond gitty on how this turned  out. To know that the long nights are worth it. We put a lot of hard work into this site and its so amazing to see it go live and to know all our hard work was worth it. If you are looking for a new web site please check out  Elly Tronic Media.  You will not be sorry!


Please take a peak at what it looked like before!! And then take a peak around to see the end result!


 Screen shot 2013-05-22 at 6.33.10 PM


I could not be happier with how everything turned out. And a huge thank you goes out to these two wonderful creatives for helping make this possible. I truly would could not have done this without you!  You guys ROCK! 🙂