Wedding Wire Rated Wausau Wedding Photographer

January 16, 2013

Going into the new year there are many goals and dreams that I have for my business. The end of 2012 I took some time to really step back and take a deep look into my business. So that I could see what was going well and what I needed to change. Although I am not done changing in the least, I am on my way. One thing that I really wanted for my business is great brand, something that people could look at and my proud of. So I am in the middle of changing my branding and my packaging and once complete I will be sure to share some photos with all of you. The other thing I really wanted to work on is my style to bring out something truly romantic. I love that feeling of being in love. So that when you look at my photos you can truly see how much the couple I am photographing is in love! As that is what I do, document love stories. No matter if its at the beginning where they are just getting married and vowing there love for each other, or they are expecting there first born or maybe its when they are expanding their family. No matter the time it all is a love story to me that keeps growing. To be able to document that everyday is truly the reason I do what I do. I have done some major learning this year. In June I sat done with Molly Marie which for me was a little hard. It was hard to swallow my pride and say I needed help. However, we dug into my business. Created a business plan which I never had before and got to work on things in my business that were struggling. Which was not easy in the least! Then in August my friend Jodi and I brought Matt and Katie in for a workshop here in Wausau while they were in the states. Which there I really learned about the style I truly wanted. It was the most amazing experience. I honestly believe I did all these workshops at the right time. Even though I have a lot to learn yet to be where I want to be I am on my way. So I am proud to say due to all that I have learned I was able to create a what I think is a better experience for my brides! Which in turn got me Wedding Wire top rated Wedding Photographers for 2013, so I was a Wedding wire Wausau Wedding Photographer rated by Wedding Wire!!

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