Zach : Class of 2017

September 9, 2016


I had one of my parents this year tell me that when she was calling around for pricing info  for her son she was having issues finding photographers that would even photograph him, as most photographers in the area only photograph girls.


I was seriously shocked by that statement. I understand that me being a girl sometimes it can be a little bit harder to photograph males. And sometimes males ( no offense guys) don't enjoy getting thier photos taken as much as girls.  


However, in my experience, I have just as much fun with guys as I do with girls. Espeically when they are as fun as Zach to photograph! 🙂  Plus I am pretty sure he could be a model for J-Crew 🙂 



Zach was serioulsy a treat to photograph! 



Please take a peak into our session together! 


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