Winter Family Session

February 14, 2013

I just adore this family! I have known both Seth and Stephanie for a very long time. We had all gone to the same high school however, I first met Steph when worked together as I was older than she was. Then years later, I was working at Menards when I was in collage where I worked with Seth. Seth and Stephanie have been coming to be me for years for their family portraits and every time they do I just love our sessions as they are full of fun and laughter.

Recently Steph had told me a story about her and Seth and how they have actually been together for 14 years!! Seth proposed to her on Valentine’s Day 12 years ago, the proposal was very very simple, but very heart felt. Today, Valentine’s Day, it will be there 12th anniversary of their engagement, and in May, they will be married 10 years. So Stephanie really wanted to do a session seeing as its so close to there engagement anniversary and in the fact that this spring they will be married for 10 years 🙂 So we decided to have a session that was not only for them as a family but was about them 🙂 So we got together a few weeks ago in the snow as they love to be outside and snowmobile, and brought some hot chocolate as it was freezing out and had a little fun. It was an amazing session as it was lighty snowing, I just loved it as this was my first family session in the snow! I just love that today is thier engagement anniversary so I wanted to post this blog in honor them and all the other amazing couples getting enagaged today! 🙂

Here are some teasers from our session! 🙂

Congrats guys on this amazing milestone! 🙂 Love you Both 🙂

In honor of them being together so long I have asked them the following questions:

* What first attracted you to each other?
Steph: I was first attracted to Seth’s sassy wit
Seth: I was attracted to Steph’s eyes

* What do admire most about your partner?
Steph: What I admire most about Seth is how he will do whatever he has to for his family.
Seth: He admires stephs pateince.

* In your words what is the secret to a happy marriage?
We think the secret to a happy marriage is to know you will not always see things the same, and that is ok. It’s ok to have moments when you don’t really like each other even though you still love each other. If you see yourself as part of a team, you will both have the same goals in mind. Working towards something as a team is a whole lot more fun than by yourself

* One peice of advice you have for newly married or enagaged couples?
A piece of advice for newly engaged couples would be to not stress too much about the wedding itself, the marriage is what is important.