Baby Eli

June 20, 2014

I remember the day that Lindsey emailed me inquring about my baby plan. I was over the moon excited for her and Ben. Lindsey and I had never really met however her and I had been friends on facebook for years. So I was just so touched and honored at the oppertunity to not only meet her and Ben, but to have been chosen to document this time in their life!

So please take a peak into our newborn session with thier sweet little ELI! 🙂 I am just so excited to have been chosen to document his first year!  Please give them some love by commenting below! 🙂




Wausau_newborn_portrait_babyplan_family_photographer_001 Wausau_newborn_portrait_babyplan_family_photographer_0003 Wausau_newborn_portrait_babyplan_family_photographer_0004 Wausau_newborn_portrait_babyplan_family_photographer_0005 Wausau_newborn_portrait_babyplan_family_photographer_0006 Wausau_newborn_portrait_babyplan_family_photographer_0007 Wausau_newborn_portrait_babyplan_family_photographer_0008 Wausau_newborn_portrait_babyplan_family_photographer_0009 Wausau_newborn_portrait_babyplan_family_photographer_0010 Wausau_newborn_portrait_babyplan_family_photographer_0011 Wausau_newborn_portrait_babyplan_family_photographer_0012 Wausau_newborn_portrait_babyplan_family_photographer_0013 Wausau_newborn_portrait_babyplan_family_photographer_0014