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Cheyenne – Class of 2015

August 12th, 2014

I first met Cheyenne last year, she is one of the amazing dancers at Dawn Troyer Dance Studio, which I have had the honor of photographing the last two years. Ever since I met Cheyenne and her family they have really been some of my biggest supports!  Cheyenne is truly an amazing  girl and I am excited to see what the future holds for her! 


Here is a peak into our session together! 


2014-08-12_0015 2014-08-12_0016 2014-08-12_0017 2014-08-12_0018 2014-08-12_0019 2014-08-12_0020 2014-08-12_0021 2014-08-12_0022 2014-08-12_0023 2014-08-12_0024 2014-08-12_0025 2014-08-12_0026 2014-08-12_0027 2014-08-12_0028 2014-08-12_0029 2014-08-12_0030 2014-08-12_0031 2014-08-12_0032 2014-08-12_0033



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