Wedding Inspired: After the Ring

March 25, 2013

This weekend I got asked the question of what makes a happy marriage. Being with my husband for 11 years and this year we will be married for 7 it really does not make me an expert. I do know that marriage is one the hardest things I have ever done. I truly beleive that no one is perfect and we have work at your marriage everyday with lots of trust, patience and communication. So I posted this exact question to my veiwers on facebook to just to see that the response was… the common trends were, trust, commuincation, love, patience, fun and unselfness. As a wedding photographer I get to document love stories for a living and I love being part of the story. I love even more than so many of my couples want to have a marriage that more special than their wedding and the only way to do that is to work at and not give up. I truly want to be there for my couples as they build a happy marriage. I want to be there to document there whole LOVE story. I truly beleive that its all about building connections with people. I tell so many of my wedding couples and families, I don’t want to just be your photographer I want to be your friend. I want to be the one you think of in the years to come as your family grows and you have more moments to document other than just your wedding. My mission is to be your photographer for a lifetime. To be there for all the important moments so that our friendship can truly grow over the years to come. I just really love giving my clients an unique exeperince one in which they can not get anywhere else. When you come to have me photograph your moments that is what you get… ME. The girl behind the camera filled, with laughter, love and emotions. The girl that is a hopeless romantic that can’t wait to hear your story and will chat for hours over coffee with you if you ask.

As you can’t have a blog post without a few photos I have put some photos below of my hubby and I. We got these photos taken in the fall by my wonderful friend Jodi! I just love this man more and more every day. He is honestly my rock! I got asked recently the last time we were happy…. and to that I replied every day…. I think we have one life and it meant to be lived to the fulliest. Marriage is not easy however its completely worth it when you find the one that you meant to be with and life is just better as they are here to share it with you! 🙂 It seriously makes me all emotional knowing I have this wonderful man by my side. I know as long as he is here there is nothing I can’t handle. LOVE him to pieces! 🙂

Happy Monday Friends 🙂