Wedding Welcome Packets

May 2, 2013

Do to the fact that I live in Wisconsin winter wedding are a little hard to come by. However, I have been very BLESSED with two amazing weddings this winter. However, it does give me a little time to sit back and reflect on what is good and bad in my business. It gives me time to come up with new ideas and implament them. So with that being said this winter I took a HUGE step back. I wanted to look at my buisness. Look at my branding. Look at every part of my business. The one part I really wanted to refine was how I did my consultation and what take home items I sent home. As a past bride, I really wish one of my vendors would have offard there expertise to me. As a bride usally this is the one and only time you will do this, and lets me honest you have been dreaming about it since you were little and want it to be perfect. So to help with that I wanted to give my couples something tangible to take home to look over, to help them with the planning. So I would like to take a peak at my new bridal packets and I am beyond excited about them!!

Wausau Wedding Photographer Bridal PacketWausau Wedding Photographer Bridal PacketWausau Wedding PhotographerWausau Wedding Photographer

So what is all in here??

** Welcome Letter: I want to formally thank you for entrusting me to document your day and to welcome you to the Walkowski Photography Family!

** Wedding Time Line Suggestions: I want to ensure your wedding day runs as smoothly as it can. However, I also want to make sure that there are enough time for photos and enough for the both of you to sit back and relax just for 5 mins and reflect on the fact that you just got married. I want you to take just a moment and remember why it you love each other. The day goes by so fast that I want you to be able to enjoy it.

** Wedding Contract: To make sure that you have everything in order in terms of our argreement and wedding package! This protects both you and me! 🙂

** Wedding Questionaire: This gets feel for you and couple, how your families are and what you are expecting from the day! 🙂 To ensure we are both on the same page!

** Wedding Day Beauty Tips: This gives you tips and tricks to make sure you not only look your best but feel your best!!

** Enagement Session Tips: Engagement sessions are great way for me to see how you interact as a couple, how at ease you are in front of the camera, and for you to get a feel for how I shoot as well. This makes everyone even more comfortable when the wedding day rolls around. 🙂 So this goes through how to make the best out our session together. Not to mention all the brides to be get complimentary hair and make-up for your session to ensure you are going to looking your best!

** Wedding Photo Tips including information on : To do or not to do a first look, formal attire, formal photos ect..

** Preferred Vendor List: This goes through all the vendors I love and how to get in contact with them!! How cool is that??

And Last but not LEAST your very own tote to keep it all in!!

Its taken me a long time to come up with all these peices however its something I am extremely proud of. As I am not just here to be your photographer. I am here to be your friend and I want you to have to the wedding of your dreams. So during our consult I will talk with you and get to know you, we will be a wedding package that fits your needs with products that you love and then I will send you come with this amazing wedding packet to help you in the planning process.

I am a firm believer that a photograph is not just taken its made. That can only happen when the trust is there and we are friends. So I truly try to go above and beyond to show you that I want nothing but the best for you on your wedding day.

I hope you enjoy these welcome packets as much as I do!

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This is great! My wife and I are trying to put together something like this to send to our clients! This looks awesome! Great job, you clearly have worked very hard on this!