April 6, 2013

I remember the day like it was yesterday when I was meeting Michelle and Joe for the first time. We sat down and chatted over coffee at Starbucks and they were telling me all about their wedding. Michelle was so excited about getting married and all the heart and soul that she was putting into her wedding. I was excited to hear about how her and Joe met, and how they fell in love. I was just in LOVE with them. They melted my heart from the first time they said hello. After that wonderful little meeting they had asked me to be thier wedding photographer. Michelle and Joe were married a few years ago and what excites me more then their wedding is the fact that still today I am still involved in their lives. With the little notes that Michelle send me on facebook even if its as simple as just saying hello. These are relationships that I just love! These are the reasons that I do what I do every day. I was beyond gitty the day that Michelle told me that she was expecting there sweet little boy! Now that sweet and little boy is 6 months old. I can not believe how much he has grown over the last 6 months! This little man is just so loved by everyone around him and I have the honor of documenting his first year. He honestly has stolen my heart with those amazing eyes and cute little smile! Please enjoy some of the images we were able to capture during our session! 🙂

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