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August 20th, 2014

I had the best time getting to know the Thom family! Tina and Josh have these three adoreable boys! They are all full of life and energy and certainly keep us on our toes! However, I would not trade this session or getting to know them for the world! I am already excited about our fall family session together so please stay tuned! 🙂 


2014-08-20_0001 2014-08-20_0002 2014-08-20_0003 2014-08-20_0004 2014-08-20_0005 2014-08-20_0006 2014-08-20_0007 2014-08-20_0008 2014-08-20_0009 2014-08-20_0010 2014-08-20_0011 2014-08-20_0012 2014-08-20_0013 2014-08-20_0014 2014-08-20_0015 2014-08-20_0016 2014-08-20_0017 2014-08-20_0018 2014-08-20_0019 2014-08-20_0020 2014-08-20_0021

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