Baby Keyzer

October 12, 2016

Sometimes in this life we are living we meet those people that are just such a blessing to your life.


Meet Michelle and Joe!!


I met this amazing couple 6 years ago when they looking for a photographer for their wedding.  Since then I have photographed their engagement, their wedding, the  baby plan for their first child, additional family sessions, and now baby number two.  


I love how they count on me time and time again to document so many of their lives milestones 🙂


Building this kind of relationship with my clients is something that I strive to do, and I could not be happier to have this kind of relationship with Michelle and Joe.


They are truly a blessing to have as clients. 


I am so excited to meet their new little one in a just a few short weeks.


Please take a peak into our maternity session together.


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Be sure to leave a comment at the bottom as Michelle and Joe will get a free print from me if they get 30 or more comments! 🙂 


If you want to book a session of your own contact us! 🙂 



Awesome really captured each one of them

I have seen your photos of Michelle and Joe from the beginning and these are as great as all the others!

Beautiful family and photos! Love that dress Michelle!

Love the pumpkin ones

Great pictures! I love the one where Joe is holding the pumpkin! Too cute. ?

Janet Keyzer.. Granny

Very nice pics. I have my favorites picked of each pose already. Super cute.

Love the pics. Already have favorites of each pose.

Those are super cute guys! Parker is a cutie pie! 🙂

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

Michelle and Joe , the pics are so cool from the normal sittings to the pumpkin to the beautiful ones in the dress Shell!! We love you so much. DAD and Terri:):)

Oh Michelle!!! The B & W of you in the field with you in the cream dress…..breath taking!!! Love a lot of them. Really like Joe holding the pumpain by your belly as well!

Stunning Joe, Michelle and Parker!

Love the pics!

How precious!

How precious! So beautifully done.