Wausau Engagement Session – Erin and Nate

August 6, 2016


Sometimes in life people walk into your life you have no idea how or why but you are glad they are there. Meet Erin and Nathan, who are two of the sweetest and kindest people I have ever met!! They are honestly two cute for words and I am just so thrilled to be their wedding photographer.


We put their session into two parts. They had lots of ideas and special things they wanted to do, so I wanted to make sure to have time for it all!!


 The first part included going around the Rib Mtn area where we found some amazing locations and just had a blast! 


For the second part of their session Crossfit is a serious part of their life. So it was important to them to incorporate some of them doing what they love! A huge shout out to Crossfit Themis for allowing us to use their facility! 


Thank you again Erin and Nate for a great session! I am so excited for your wedding in 2018!


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