Steph and Waylon – Winter engagement session

April 3, 2014

I first met Steph early in my photography career when I had photographed Waylon's brothers wedding. I remember like it was yesterday when Steph was sitting next to me and said "Marie, when I get married I want you to photograph my wedding". This was in 2009!! I never thought those words would become a reality. NEVER. Let alone the fact that Stephanie and Waylon would not only ask me to be there wedding photographer… but to take me to the Virgin Islands so I could do so…. Seriously someone please pinch me!      (not really I bruise easily)


I am seriously just beyond blessed to know these two.  Since 2009, Steph has truly been able to watch my photography grow and to know that she believed in the photographer that I was in 2009 is humbling to say the least.  And if any of you know me, know that this truly melts my heart and makes me smile…. ( and maybe cry tears of of joy… just a little… okay more then a little). The love and support I recieve from my clients never ceases to amaze me.


Steph, Waylon and I got together the end of Febuary for a very short. (I mean short as man it was FREEZING out) Winter session that including 30 mile and hour winds. We are going to be getting together in the coming months ( you know if this snow ever goes away) for a fun filled summer session. So please stay tuned as there will be a summer session with these two in the coming months! 🙂


So please take a peak into our amazing snowy, winter engagement session.





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