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Sofia Wausau Newborn

July 21st, 2016

Sofia is one of our newest baby plan memebers!  We are so excited to watch her grow up her first year!  


I was beyond thrilled when I was contracted about Sofia's first session! 🙂  There is just something about being asked to document a baby within their first week of life. They are only this little once so being trusted with your new little one truly makes my heart sing. 


I just love snuggling these cute little babies and rocking them to sleep as we capture some amazing images! 🙂


Sofia you are so adorable and I am excited for our next session in August! 

Sofia Wausau Newborn_1335 Sofia Wausau Newborn_1336 Sofia Wausau Newborn_1337 Sofia Wausau Newborn_1338 Sofia Wausau Newborn_1339 Sofia Wausau Newborn_1340 Sofia Wausau Newborn_1341 Sofia Wausau Newborn_1342 Sofia Wausau Newborn_1343 Sofia Wausau Newborn_1344 Sofia Wausau Newborn_1345 Sofia Wausau Newborn_1346 Sofia Wausau Newborn_1347 Sofia Wausau Newborn_1348

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