June 19, 2014

This little peanut belongs to my dear friend, Fawn and owner of Inspired  by Nature Fine Floral Designs. Words can not express how honored I am to have been chosen to document this time and Fawn and Adam's life. As they welcome to world their newest addition to their family.  


Over the years I have gotten to know Fawn quite well and she is does not only have amazing floral skills but she is amazing mother to thier daughter Grace, so it just excites me to be able to watch both her little girls grow up. I know that Grace is going to make an amazing big sister. It is just such a blessing to me to have been chosen to document this time in their lives.


So please take a moment to comment please below to help welcome Faith into the world.


Congrats Fawn, Adam and Grace!  Love you all 🙂





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