Elsie Fry : Newborn

September 21, 2016


Pete and Jill have been clients of mine for years.


I have done their engagement, wedding, the baby plan of their first born and now this little new member of their family! 🙂 


This family truly holds a special place in my heart. 


Although this little peanut came a little early so I wasn't able to do a maternity session she completely ROCKED her newborn session.


I am so excited to watch her grow up her first year! 🙂 


Please take a look into our session together! 🙂 


wausau-newborn-photographer_1683 wausau-newborn-photographer_1684 wausau-newborn-photographer_1685 wausau-newborn-photographer_1686 wausau-newborn-photographer_1687 wausau-newborn-photographer_1688 wausau-newborn-photographer_1689 wausau-newborn-photographer_1690 wausau-newborn-photographer_1691 wausau-newborn-photographer_1692 wausau-newborn-photographer_1693 wausau-newborn-photographer_1694 wausau-newborn-photographer_1695 wausau-newborn-photographer_1696

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