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Amanda and Matt

July 20th, 2014

Let's all give it up for one of the cutuest couples I’ve ever seen,  Amanda and Matt!! 


When it comes to this couple I am truly at a loss for words. I have been trying to blog thier amazing engagement session for the past week and it seem like everything I would write was not good enough. I have gotten to know them over the past serveral months really well. And it just makes me so blessed that I was chosen to document thier day!!  So please take a peak into our session! 🙂 I am so excited to document thier wedding in Septemeber!


Please take a peak into session!


wausau_wedding_engagment_portrait_photographer_0002 wausau_wedding_engagment_portrait_photographer_0003 wausau_wedding_engagment_portrait_photographer_0004 wausau_wedding_engagment_portrait_photographer_0005 wausau_wedding_engagment_portrait_photographer_0006 wausau_wedding_engagment_portrait_photographer_0007 wausau_wedding_engagment_portrait_photographer_0008 wausau_wedding_engagment_portrait_photographer_0009 wausau_wedding_engagment_portrait_photographer_0010 wausau_wedding_engagment_portrait_photographer_0011 wausau_wedding_engagment_portrait_photographer_0012 wausau_wedding_engagment_portrait_photographer_0013 wausau_wedding_engagment_portrait_photographer_0014 wausau_wedding_engagment_portrait_photographer_0015 wausau_wedding_engagment_portrait_photographer_0016 wausau_wedding_engagment_portrait_photographer_0017 wausau_wedding_engagment_portrait_photographer_0018

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