Skyler – Class of 2017 Senior Rep Session

March 10, 2016



Thinking about photographing this girl's senior photos truly brings a tear to my eye. I have gotten the complete honor of photographing her for dance the last three years. And knowing we are coming up on her year she makes me cry, but knowing she is growing up to live a life with her whole future in front of her makes me smile. She is a true blessing to be around with such a kind heart. It makes me so proud that she is going to be one of 2017 Wausau West Senior Reps for my Wausau Studio.


Here is just a peak into our Senior Rep session. Since Skyler decided hang up her pointe shoes this year, so I decide to do a tribute to her dancing with a fun flour session. Dancing has been a part of her life for a very long time, and it makes me sad that this make possibly be the last time I make photograph her dancing. So we wanted to do something special since its been such a huge part of her life.


Skyler I am excited to have you as one of my Class of 2017 Senior Reps! 


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